Welcome to Sarah’s Home!


Sarah’s Home is a faith-based residential home on the front range of Colorado for girls ages 12 to 17 who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Sarah’s Home offers healing, education, restoration, and reintegration for survivors of the forced commercial sex trade.

Trafficking survivors experience trauma that affects their whole being. Because of this, we work to bring healing to mind, body, and spirit.  Our program is designed to walk each girl through the process of coming to terms with their pain and help them find healing. As part of the healing process the girls will learn to live as survivors instead of victims. This means helping the girls see their life as a gift from God who has equipped them with unique gifts, talents, and abilities that can make their world better.

Sarah’s Home equips each girl with the skills she needs to thrive in society as a survivor. Our house is truly a “home” where survivors can take the time they need to heal. Our program consists of:

– Intensive Counseling and Therapy
– Medical care
– Education
– Spiritual guidance
– Life skills training
– Job skills training
– Relationship skills through mentoring

History of Sarah’s Home

Sarah’s Home was the vision of the Rocky Mountain District Women’s ministries who, for twenty years, had taken mission trips all over the world. They had witnessed child sex trafficking in most of the countries they visited, and were extremely heartbroken when they realized the commercial sexual exploitation of minors also happens right here in the United States.

Although there are an estimated 100,000-300,000 minors trafficked in the United States annually, there are only about 300 spaces available for victims who are rescued. Determined to increase the number of spaces available, the group was able to get a church donated and converted it into a five bedroom house. In 2013, they partnered with a local child placement agency and started receiving girls in the foster care system who had been victims of sex trafficking.

Currently, Sarah’s Home is in their final stage of becoming their own Child Placement Agency in the State of Colorado so they can get teenage girls who have been trafficked and then, when they are at a good place of healing, have the girls transition to a foster family that has been trained to work with girls who have been through the extreme levels of trauma victims of sex trafficking endure.




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