What is Sarah’s Home?

Sarah’s Home is a faith-based, therapeutic home for underage girls who have been freed from the forced commercial sex trade in the U.S. Sarah’s Home offers healing, education, restoration and reintegration for trafficking survivors.

Trafficking survivors experience trauma that affects their whole being. Because of this, we work to bring healing to mind, body, and spirit.  Our program is designed to walk each girl through the process of coming to terms with their pain and help them find healing. As part of the healing process the girls will learn to live as survivors instead of victims. This means helping the girls see their life as a gift from God who has equipped them with unique gifts, talents, and abilities that can make their world better.

Sarah’s Home is truly a “home” where survivors can take the time that they need to heal. Our program consists of:

-Intensive Counseling and Therapy
-Medical care
-Spiritual guidance
-Life skills training
-Job skills training
-Relationship skills mentoring
-Mentorships with older women

Sarah’s Home equips each girl with the skills she needs to thrive in society as a survivor. Through our mentorship program, each girl that leaves Sarah’s Home is connected to families in the community that are trained and ready to help her as she reintegrates into society.

Where is Sarah’s Home?

Sarah’s Home is located along the front range of Colorado.

Who lives at Sarah’s Home?

Sarah’s Home is designed to meet the needs of underage girls (12-17) that have been commercially sexually exploited within the US. Our primary focus is American children.

There are many different ways that American girls are trafficked.  Often,  they have run away from an abusive or dysfunctional home life and meet a “boyfriend” who promises to take care of them, but sells them instead.  It is also not uncommon for a girl to be coerced into prostitution by a friend, boyfriend, or parent. In the United States, within 48 hours of running away from home, 1 out of 3 children will be approached by a trafficker or pimp. To learn more about the issue of trafficking click here.

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