Sarah's Home Training

Heading 5

Sex Trafficking 101 and 102

Saturday May 15, 2021


Friendship Assembly of God
3685 New Center Point
Colorado Springs CO 80922

In Sex Trafficking 101 you will learn about current sex trafficking statistics and trends on a national and international level. Additionally, we discuss the risk factors that make youth vulnerable to trafficking and how to help prevent it. We explore the development of complex trauma and the effects that are common to the youth we serve. We will also discuss what role you and Sarah's Home have in addressing this issue. 

Sex Trafficking 102 is primarily for those who wish to understand how to help victims of sex trafficking heal. We will discuss how a trafficking victim often presents as a result of complex trauma and PTSD. We will share our philosophies and strategies for helping them heal from these obstacles physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Speaker from CSPD

Doors open at 8:30 am

Snacks will be provided. Please bring a sack lunch or prepare to buy lunch nearby.